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It’s time… to discover Clockwork Music!

Taking place in a variety of venues around Oxfordshire, Clockwork Music welcome your child from three months to four years in classes for four separate age groups, working through a progressive curriculum.

All classes combine familiar and new elements in a structured way so that our weekly sessions feel familiar yet fresh, featuring core songs, topical songs, music and movement, instrument time and sensory moments.

Rock Around the Clock

It’s time… to start your musical journey!

Our first class welcomes babies from three to twelve months. You will be amazed to see just how responsive your baby is to music, becoming increasingly aware of the rhythms and sounds in our specially written curriculum. The environment is gentle, yet highly stimulating, with plenty of wonderful sounds and sights to thrill your baby from week to week!

Tick Tock

It’s time… to begin to boogie!

As soon as baby is moving around it's time.... to move on to Tick Tock. Toddlers are natural explorers and we encourage this at Clockwork Music. Sessions are lively and fun, with favourite friends who come each week, lots of games and eye-catching props. Tick Tockers learn to move to the beat, play to the beat, even to start and stop with the music - all in an action-packed and stimulating environment.

Clockmakers 1

It’s time… to make music!

From age two, children become much more active in the music making process. Children will enjoy sharing and exploring their knowledge and understanding with the class as well as developing their musical skills through our captivating mixture of songs and games. Clockmakers will impress you with their ability to explore different musical sounds, learn actions to songs and play their instruments in an increasingly controlled way.

Clockmakers 2

It’s time… to refine our skills!

This class is aimed at pre-school children who are ready to learn the musical skills which will prepare them for their first instrumental lessons. Developed in collaboration with experienced instrumental teachers, the programme is not only educational but also great fun. A music literacy topic is added to the weekly mix - simple rhythmic notation, dynamic signs (loud and soft), pitch or recognising different instruments. Our Clockmakers love to show off their skills and are rightly proud of their achievements at this stage!